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Hi I'm



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Web Programmer.

Staffordshire University Student.

My Skills

HTML 5 Logo


I have worked with HTML since I was in Secondary School and have learnt to use it creative ways. This can been seen in this site and all of the projects below as they all use HTML.

CSS 3 Logo


I have also worked with CSS since Secondary School and have learnt how to use it to create nicely laid out sites. This can be seen on this page and in the selected projects bellow.

JavaScript Logo


Over my time at university I have become very good with JavaScript to the point where I can create interactive application using mainly JavaScript. This can be seen in the Mobile Web App.

PHP Logo


Over my time at University I have learnt how to create powerful and complicated applications using PHP. This can be seen in the Football League application. My final year project is also being created using a PHP API.

ASP.Net Logo


During my final year at university I have learnt how to create moderately complicated applications in ASP.NET and I’m currently learning how to use MVC in ASP.NET. One of my Assignments was to create an Anagram application in ASP.NET and optimise it for the web.

Salesforce Logo


During my placement year I did a lot of work on the Salesforce CRM. This including creating new application and linking existing application with Salesforce. I mainly worked with Apex and CSS within Salesforce.

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During my time of working with PHP I have gained a lot of experience working with MySQL. I am capable of creating complicated SQL statements to get the information that is needed. Some basic SQL has been used in the Football League Application seen below. I am also using MySQL in my final year project.

Slim Logo


I’m currently developing my final year project as an API and am using Slim to handle the request and response that is coming from the API. It is also be used to create the front end for the application.

GitHub Logo


During my time on placement I did a lot of work with GitHub as this was the main location where our work was committed to. I am also currently using it to backup all of my university work and then deploy it to live servers.

Selected Projects

Your Leave has been created as an API but has a generic front end that anyone is able to use. But because it has been created as an API it allows companies to integrate the logic and features of the systems into their own systems by simply calling the API. This is something that can be very useful to companies as it can allow them to control how their employees interact with the system as they will be creating the front-end.